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Youth Protection Policy

1. In order to protect juveniles from information that may be harmful to them, CJ DigitalMusic Corp. is taking the following actions to prevent juveniles under the age of 19 from accessing harmful information in accordance with the Juvenile Protection Act and the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection as well as government guidelines and the service management policy.

  1. A. Establishing a youth protection policy for harmful information
  2. B. Taking action to protect, manage and restrict juveniles from accessing harmful information
  3. C. Enforcing a youth protection plan and educating the staff on how to take administrative measures regarding harmful information
  4. D. Counseling victims of harmful information, addressing grievances and taking other necessary measures for the protection of juveniles

2. Compliance of Juvenile Protection Act Regulations

CJ DigitalMusic Corp. is in compliance with the following regulations related to the Juvenile Protection Act

  • - Korea Communications Commission Korea Internet Safety Regulations
  • - The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family National Youth Commission’s Materials Harmful to Juveniles Regulations (Standards and Rules)

Manager of Juvenile Protection

  • - Name: Jeong Hyung Jin
  • - Division: Music Business
  • - Position: Manager
  • - Phone number: 1655-2525
  • - Email: Contact US