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Lyst Dubs K-Pop Idols "Major Global Fashion Influencers" On Their "Year in Fashion 2018"

Mwave 翻译者 Nia Johnson, Vanessa Augsbach Dec 4, 2018 18:00 更新 Dec 5, 2018 07:07

As K-Pop expands its influence internationally, so too does its power to influence fashion trends. To see that power in action, look no further than Lyst's annual "Year in Fashion" release, where they named K-Pop as one of the "Moments" in Fashion for 2018.

Amazing music and stage presence aside, it's K-Pop idols and their impeccable fashion sense that's sending fashion gurus around the world into a typing frenzy. According to Lyst, a global fashion search engine, while tracking the fashion searches of 80 million shoppers, they found K-Pop idols to be one of the top "major fashion influencers". 

What led up to K-Pop's major fashion "moment" in 2018? 

Among those who follow K-Pop idols, there's undoubtedly an interest in their fashion trends, and fashion items worn by idols can easily sell out--from Kang Daniel's beige coat en route to 2017 MAMA to G-Dragon's VANS. But, over the past year, K-Pop has grown its influence in the fashion realm and launched major international, fashion partnerships like BTS and PUMA, EXO and Girls' Generation and YSNEAKERS, and BT21 and the Anti Social Social Club. These are not only collaborations that debut, they're collaborations that completely sell out.

Beyond collaborations are all of the high-profile fashion event appearances that have received a growing amount of international coverage. We're talking about moments like EXO's Kai being named the "star" of a Gucci show by Vogue or G-Dragon being a favorite of Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld. But, beyond that, there's been an uptick over the past year in coverage of K-Pop idols in general from fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue, Allure, and Teen Vogue. Interested in a more personal look at CL? Look no further than Vogue's "73 Questions." How about discussion of the eye makeup fashion from Monsta X's "Shoot Out"? Allure guides you through every eye-fluttering moment. Or, have you dreamed of a tour of L.A. with BTS? Live that dream with Vogue

With the consciousness of K-Pop fashion--and K-Pop by extension--growing among wider audiences, the opportunity for controversy has also risen. Just a few weeks ago, BTS' performance on a Japanese music program was postponed due to a controversial shirt previously worn by Jimin. Big Hit Entertainment offered an apology and there hasn't been word on a re-scheduled performance, but controversies like this one serve to show K-Pop's rising profile on an international scale. 

With coverage expanding and K-Pop's fashion "moment" seeming to become more of a fashion "era," where will it all go next?

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