woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]

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SIGNED woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]

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PRODUCT 1: $25.99

SIGNED woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat] (Pitter ver. or Patter ver. Random) (Signed by All Member)

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SIGNED woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat] (Pitter ver. + Patter ver. SET) (Signed by All Member)

SIGNED woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]

NOV 14 ~ DEC 4, 18:00 (KST)
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Signed Polaroid to 10 randomly selected purchasers (Random Draw)

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1 out of 5 types of the photo cards (Random Draw)

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woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]
woo!ah! – 4th Single Album [Pit-a-Pat]