KCON is the world’s largest celebration of K-Culture Festival with the theme of "All Things Hallyu".

KCON launched a convention that can exprience all things Korean culture from K-concert to K-Food, K-Drama, K-Movie, K-Beauty and K-Fashion, and spread Hallyu to all over the world since 2012.

Began in 2012, Expanded every year and recorded a cumulative audience of 566,000

KCON began at Irvine, USA in 2012 and expaned every year, it had held total 16 events of convention in New York (USA), LA (USA), Chiba (Japan), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Paris (France) and Mexico City (Mexico) over the last six years. Now, it has established as a representitive Hallyu come along with 566,000 of local Hallyu fans.

KCON 2018

KCON 2017