◼ LIVE KCON-ers Timeline

▷ PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

9/27 09:00 FAQ Open
9/29 0:00 Applications Start
10/4 17:00-18:00 System Check
10/9 12:00 Applications Close
10/13 Winners notified via Email
◼ Condition for Application

Applications will only be accepted from those who have become KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS tier members via official channels.

Official Channels

▷ Mnet K-POP
: https://youtube.com/mnet/join

: https://youtube.com/kcon/join

◼ Participant Agreement
Before your final submission please check the “Participant Agreement.”
◼ Things to Note Before Applying

1. If unnecessary content is included or if specified languages and characters are not used in filling out the form’s questions those answers will become invalid. Please give special attention to this when giving your answers.

2. You may only apply for one artist team per day.
Ex: You may submit applications for an artist team on 10/16 and 10/23 but not for two artist teams on 10/16.

3. Should you want to submit an application for multiple days, you may submit your application via a unique link for each day. (Link to be provided 9/29)

▷ Application Link (Refer to each day’s link below)
: http://bit.ly/KCON_LIVEKCONers

4. Should you submit multiple applications for the same artist only the most recently submitted application will be recognized. All others submitted before for that particular artist will become invalid.

5. Participation in LIVE KCON-ers is in compliance with YouTube’s rules regarding minors as well as those of your nation of residence. In order to protect our audience legally and in accordance with these policies, those who are not of legal age by the date of broadcast will not be able to participate. We ask for your understanding and that you refer to this rule before applying.

▷ For more information regarding legal age: http://bit.ly/Legal_Age

6. LIVE KCON-ers’ selection is random. Those who have been selected will be notified via the email that they provided. Should you not receive the email due to issues with your personal mailbox (mailbox full, blocked sender, spam mail, etc…) LIVE KCON-ers participation would be difficult. We recommend that you check your personal mailbox beforehand and ensure that your email information is correct before submitting your final application.

▶LIVE KCON-ers Winner Participation

** Please refer to the participant notice attached to the LIVE KCON-ers winner notification email for more information related to audience rehearsal and participation the day of the broadcast.**

- Check email
- Date of audience rehearsal and participation information
- How to use the program (How to enter, control the camera, etc…)
- How to enter and participate on the day of the live session.
- Exit policies
- Additional matters to note