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Stamping on Mwave

Event Period : July 23 – Aug 2, 2018.
The easiest way to get K-POP goods YOU'VE always wanted!
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  1. Give your voice for KCON 2018 LA by participating Fan Awards & My Playlist Event.
  2. Find 5 KCON 2018 LA logo randomly at Mwave per a day.   random stamp
  3. If you get KCON 2018 LA Pre-sale MD, you have the bonus stamp!
  4. Collect stamps whenever you join KCON 2018 Event and get super excited gifts.

This event has finished

my stamp
  • All stamps will be reflected in the event page within 30 minutes after participating.
  • Stamps apply when users participate f KCON events with following criteria.
    • Fan Awards: Create at least one award per a day (Maximum one stamp per a day for participating Fan Awards)
    • My KCON Playlist: Vote for at least one artist’s set list (Maximum one stamp per a day participating My Playlist)
    • Find KCON 2018 LA Logo: Find 5 logos that are strewn all over Mwave pages (One stamp will be given per 5 logo)
    • MD Pre-Sale: One stamp will be accumulated depending on each purchase.
  • If you do the partially cancel the order, the stamp you’ve got for the order will be removed.
  • Regarding gifts.
    • If users reach to gift stamps, which mean users automatically enter the gift. Winner will be announced at Aug 16.
    • MobiFren Earphone: Blue Tooth MFB-E1120/ Including Lai Guan Lin Sleeve & Photo card.