There's Only One Week Left to Enter KCON 2018 LA's "Cover Star K"!

Mwave by Nia Johnson Jul 11, 2018 17:00 Updated Jul 12, 2018 06:07

Want to show off your stellar dance moves?  Sign up for LA Cover Star K at KCON 2018 LA!

Those who sign up, have the chance to be the star of KCON 2018 LA’s M COUNTDOWN Pre-Show. Live out your idol dreams and perform in front of your own live audience!

How can you sign up? Submit a video of your solo or group performance on Mwave!

Here are some helpful things to know:

  • Make sure to include both the cover song artist and title that you have chosen.
  •  Participants must have a minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 10 members.
  •  You must submit one single or remixed track that is less than 4 minutes in length. 
  • Members of a group cannot compete in more than one team, and are responsible for their own travel expenses in coming to KCON 2018 LA
  • Cover Star K's deadline for KCON 2018 LA is July 18 at 11:59 PM PDT.

The top 3 finalists will receive an award for their dance covers! Second and third place finishers will receive combo concert tickets with a special gift from KCON 2018 LA. The winner will have the opportunity to perform on the M COUNTDOWN PRE-SHOW!

This is an opportunity for all of you K-Pop fans out there that want to showcase your talents. Who knows, maybe your favorite idol group will see you perform to their songs! During their KCON 2018 LA Lineup video, Pentagon said they looked forward to seeing fans cover their dances.

Don’t let those on stage jitters get to you! Sign up now before time runs out! Cover Star K’s submission deadline is July 18 at 11:59 PM PDT!

Check out the official Mwave site to get more details on the event!

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