Mwave x KCON18NY Events Review

Mwave by Kenzie Park Jul 4, 2018 11:30 Updated Jul 4, 2018 11:26

Mwave x #KCON18NY

Before we move on to promote the upcoming #KCON18LA in August,

let's have a review session of Mwave x KCON18NY events through videos!


[ 6 FINALISTS : Diamond, Haru, Heather Truong, K, MKDC, OFFBRND ]

Final winner : Haru

2nd Place : MKDC

3rd Place : OFFBRND


During the 'Fan Engagement' session of KCON18NY, the awards that YOU created were presented directly to the artists.

We received so many crazy yet meaningful entries and it took forever to select.

We love you Mwave fans. You guys are the best.

(But for the next time... Let's promise that you do not ctrl+c&ctrl+v the same entry)

fromis_9 : Cutest Rookie Group Award

They might be new, but this group already has several songs out that are sweet and cute and full of life.

I look forward to their next music release.

Stray Kids : The Most Inspiring Debut Album Award

This award is given to Stray Kids who inspires others through their self-produced debut album <I am not>

EXID : Exceed In Dreaming Award

In appreciation&recognition of the artist for keep on working hard to achieve their dreams no matter how long it takes and what the obstacles are.

They show us how ordinary people can inspire others to achieve their dream&beyond.

Golden Child : The Golden Boys Who Shine The Brightest Award

Golden Child always stand out on stage because of their unmistakable charisma and talent.

They deserve an award for being the shining stars they are.

GolCha fighting!

Wanna One : Most Meat Consuming Group Award

This award goes to Wanna One for the largest ever meat consumption in the history of K-Pop industry.

Wanna One have spent $1500 for one single hwesik dinner.

Great job! Wannables are always happy to hear that you eat well.

Eat more and stay healthy! Have a huge hwesik dinner after today's KCON as well.

Please know that your happiness only matters and that we love you so much.

Heize : Best Healing Music Award

This award goes to Heize for producing music that heals every listener's soul.

We can feel that your music and lyrics really come from the deep heart.

You have comforted so many hurt souls with your music and we would like to thank you with this award for all your hard work.

PENTAGON : Most Heart Attacking Pulse Altering Group Award

The heart attacking and pulse altering award goes to the group who make us watch their every move on stage.

Their cool charisma is mixed with a boy next door charm that amazes and delights us.

Pentagon are the cool visuals that satisfy us completely.

Red Velvet : Voices from Heavens Award

<Kingdom Come> solidified my opinion of Red Velvet being one of the greatest groups of this generation.

This song alone deserves an award.

The hard-hitting beat, smooth vocals, and lush harmonies creates a soundscape that is equivalent to being brought to the gates of heaven.

Super Junior : International Cultural Connection Award

For releasing <Lo Siento> and including another language, other than English and Korean into a K-Pop Song.

Also filming and connecting with another artist of a different culture, exposing other people to them.

NCT 127 : Neo Culture Dream Award

For always creating new and fresh ideas from each other's dreams while bringing the world together with your burning passion and love for music.

3. Golden Child & fromis_9 with #ComeToMwave Event Winners 

Wondering how they got to meet Golden Child and fromis_9 and even take polaroid picture with them?

Step 1. Take a picture of Mwave booth

Step 2. Share it on your social with hashtag #ComeToMwave

Step 3. Come back to Mwave booth for winner announcement

You really need to visit the Mwave booth at KCON18LA as well...

And also please share your favorite moment from #KCON18NY in the comment section!

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