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2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards

Sunday Dec 6.


MAMA Intends to Open a New World of New Normal Era
Through Power of Music

A world where many things have become non-contact due to the pandemic.
With the power of music,
2020 MAMA intends to connect fans around the world,
and open the gate to ‘NEW-TOPIA’
a new virtual world where fans can return to make ‘contact’.
Artists and fans will become connectors,
transcending time and space, within 2020 MAMA.
Within MAMA, one will be able to experience
the power of music and to find their own

Mnet Asian Music Awards

Global Music Festival Enjoyed by Fans All Over the World

MAMA began in 1999 under the name of ‘Mnet Music Video Daesang’.
It was renamed as the ‘Mnet KM Music Video Festival’ in 2004,
and as the ‘Mnet KM Music Festival’ in 2006.
It was eventually renamed as the ‘Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS’ in 2009,
marking a new beginning as an Asian music awards.
Since 2010, MAMA was held in Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong,
earning the aspects of global awards.
In 2017, MAMA was held in Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong.
In 2018, MAMA was held in three different locations in Asia
in a span of a week – Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong,
It established itself as one of the Asia’s best music award ceremonies.

Last year, MAMA was joined by more than 40,000 viewers
in 200 countries across the world.
This year, it dreams to show
how MUSIC MAKES ONE facing the New Normal Era.
It aims to prove K-pop’s risen worldwide status
with its genuine performances and music,
and aims to connect fans
beyond race, nationality, and generation through technology.
2020 MAMA will again become a new global music festival
where music fans all over the world
can communicate and enjoy together.
Gate to NEW-TOPIA, 2020 MAMA