Mnet ASIAN Music Awards
MAMA was launched in 1999 as “Mnet Music
Video Festival”
and then was renamed “Mnet KM Music
Video Festival” in 2004 and “Mnet KM Music
Festival” in 2006.
It was given the name “Mnet ASIAN MUSIC
AWARDS” in 2009,
announcing the birth of a new K-POP music
awards ceremony.
After 2010, MAMA was held in Macau,
Singapore, and Hong Kong
and truly became a global awards
It was also the first-ever K-POP awards
event to showcase MAMA Week,
held simultaneously at three locations
across Asia:
Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong in 2017
and Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong in 2018.
In 2019, MAMA was joined by more than
40,000 fans,
and last year, it was held as a metaverse
awards ceremony that overcame the
limitations of space,
thereby establishing itself as a major
global music awards representing K-POP.

Over the past 22 years, MAMA has
highlighted the potential of K-POP
by showcasing the values of diversity and
novelty that challenges prejudice
and offered a world in which “MUSIC
MAKES ONE” to music fans around the
MAMA is now leading K-POP’s greater
and will take another step forward as “the
World’s No. 1 K-POP Music Awards”.
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