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I.O.I′s Jeon Somi and UP10TION′s Woo Shin Successfully MC First ′The Show′ Episode

Mwave by Lee Bora Oct 13, 2016 09:50 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:17
I.O.I′s Jeon Somi and UP10TION′s Woo Shin have successfully completed their first episode as MCs of SBS MTV′s The Show.

The idols made a great pair with Jeon Somi showing her cheerful side while Woo Shin appealed to the audience with his wit.
Jeon Somi began her first episode with the support of cheering fans and led the show with fresh appeal.

Although Jeon Somi and Woo Shin did not know each other before being selected as the new MCs, they had a natural chemistry with one another.

Meanwhile, The Show airs every Tuesday evening at 8PM on SBS MTV and SBS funE. The group selected as "The Show Choice" of the night was SHINee with 1 of 1.

Photo credit: SBS MTV ′The Show′
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