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Now you can enjoy all of the MEET&GREET full VOD from the very first episode!

Let’s join in MEET & GREET event and get unreleased photos!

Behind-the-scenes videos & unreleased photos.

FULL VOD and HOT CLIPS of MEET&GREET all episode Free re-watch as much as you like!

  • Event PeriodSep 17 – Sep 30, 2018 AnnouncementOct 10, 2018.
  • How to EnterExplore MEET&GREET history page & enter the events!
  • PrizeNever-before-released photo cards of MEET&GREET (for 5)
MEET Again!

What was the most fun MEET&GREET episode?
Pick one K-Pop star’s MEET&GREET that is always fun & interesting even you watch it AGAIN!

* Nominate Criteria : VIDEO view count
Let’s begin with _____ .

Which K-Pop Star do you REALLY want to meet at Mwave MEET&GREET?
Please leave comments which K-Pop Star do you want to BEGIN with MEET&GREET from September!

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