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M.A.P.6 Meets Role Models Shinhwa

Newsen by Hwang Hye Jin Nov 19, 2015 14:22 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:47
Rookie group M.A.P.6 shared a photo with its role model Shinhwa.

M.A.P.6 tweeted a group photo with the Shinhwa members as well as a photo of Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo with M.A.P.6′s Min Hyuk on November 18, writing "Moved infinitely! The best day ever! We respect you!

In the photo, the M.A.P.6 members are seen lined up in a row with the Shinhwa members hunched over behind them, thumbs up in the air as a sign of support for the rookie group. Netizens have been responding to the photo of Lee Min Woo and Min Hyuk with somments like ′They look like brothers′ and ′They look alike. Rooting for both groups.′

M.A.P.6 chose Shinhwa as their role models at their debut showcase, saying "We want to stand on the same stage as them one day." The group′s dream came true when they performed their single Storm at the Tencent K-Pop Live concert alongside Shinhwa on November 18.

Meanwhile, M.A.P.6 is set to take the stage on KBS′ Music Bank on November 20.

Photo credit: DreamT Entertainment
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