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[2015 MAMA] SNSD’s Taeyeon Wins Best Female Artist, J.Y. Park Wins Best Male Artist

Mwave by Nancy Lee Dec 2, 2015 21:05 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:48
The 2015 Mnet Asian Awards (MAMA) is in full swing, and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and J.Y. Park are the latest stars to take home awards.

Taeyeon, who made her solo debut this year with I received the Best Female Artist Award, while J.Y. Park took home the Best Male Artist Award. Taeyeon thanked her group, saying “Thank you to the members who supported me from beginning to end as well as the staff. And thank you to SONE, who always gives me strength.”

Park Jin Young then took to the stage to accept his Best Male Artist Award, where he said, “I just received an award as a composer, and it’s an honor to be receiving an award as a singer as well.”

He continued, “Thank you to the fans who supported me as a singer for 20 years. I will work hard to show that the lifetime of a dance singer isn’t short.”
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