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GFriend′s Yuju Talks About Viral Video of Her Falling on Stage

Mwave by Jang Miran Jan 25, 2016 15:11 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:53
GFriend′s Yuju opened up about the girl group′s now-viral performance in the rain in which she fell numerous times onstage.

GFriend appeared as guests on the January 25 broadcast of KBS Cool FM′s Kim Seong Ju′s Gayo Plaza, where Kim Won Jun and Lee Se Jun, who were serviing as special DJs, said to the girls, "Wasn′t there a performance that became a hot topic because you fell numerous times? Who was the member that fell then?"

GFriend′s Yuju raised her hand, saying "It′s an episode that happened because I made a mistake, but I was touched because people from abroad and in Korea had such warm words for me. I gained strength through it."

Yuju added, "I twisted my finger on stage that day, but I actually didn′t suffer any major injuries."

Meanwhile, GFriend was invited to be the day′s guests on the show, while Kim Won Jun and Lee Se Jun served as special DJs for Kim Seong Ju.

Photo credit: KBS Cool FM ′Kim Seong Ju′s Gayo Plaza′ screenshot
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