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BTOB Successfully Completes ‘ZEPP TOUR’ in Japan

bnt뉴스 by Bae Jung Yun Feb 15, 2016 18:12 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:55
BTOB completed its journey on ‘ZEPP TOUR,′ which was held in four main cities of Japan.

Starting from the first ZEPP TOUR ‘B-Loved’ held in Nagoya, Japan on February 10, the following concerts were held in Tokyo and Fukuoka and the tour successfully finished in Osaka. Around 10,000 audiences came to watch the performances and showed enthusiastic reactions to the group. ‘ZEPP TOUR’ is a concert tour held in small sized concert hall ‘ZEPP Hall’ located in different main cities of Japan. In the past, many Japanese artists and k-pop stars participated in this tour. BTOB immediately captured its fans’ hearts even it was its first time to have the concert tour in Japan. The group proved its broad musical spectrum, which has developed by having several experiences of meeting fans through small scaled live concerts in Korea.

The main concept of the performance was Valentine’s day. BTOB performed various songs such as Korean hit songs Beep Beep, Wow, It’s Okay, Way Back Home and others and Japanese songs The Future, Magic Time and others. It heat up the atmosphere of the scene trough the stages. Specifically, the concert was consisted of the unit stages divided into vocal, rap and personal solo stages, which had good responses from fans on previous live concerts in Korea.

Moreover, music video and performance stage of its upcoming third original single album Dear Bride were unveiled during the concert. Sweet love melody, which fits into Valentine’s day has drawn warm acclamations from local fans.

The group said, “We have completed successful concert tours because of the Melody, who always cheers for us” and thanked the fans. It added, “Our new Japanese single album Dear Bride will be released and we will do our best to show improvements. Please give lots of love and support” and revealed its strong will.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s third original single album Dear Bride will be released on February 24 and the group will start promoting its upcoming album.


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