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VIXX Unveils ′Zelos′ Album Cover

bnt뉴스 by Bae Jung Yun Apr 12, 2016 15:45 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:32
VIXX disclosed its new album cover and increased people’s expectation toward its new song.

On April 12, Jellyfish Entertainment unveiled the cover image of the group’s fifth single album Zelos on its official social media channel.
From the unveiled album cover, a broken heart shaped art work in the vivid and intense pink color back ground was disclosed and it is capturing people’s attention. Particularly, only a part of the piece, which is expressing the color of sunset, was left in the picture. If the other part of the piece join together as one, a new image will be created. It is increasing people’s expectation toward the group’s new music.

The group announced its broaden musical spectrum along with its large scale comeback thorugh previously released VIXX 2016 Conception Art Film and VIXX 2016 Conception Opening Trailer.

Meanwhile, VIXX will release its fifth single album Zelos on April 19. The group will also participate in ‘Chinese Music Awards’ held on April 15 in Macao, China.

Photo credit: Jellyfish Entertainment


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