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MONSTA X to Appear on Chinese Survival Program ′The Remix′

bnt뉴스 by Bae Jung Yun Apr 20, 2016 10:56 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:32
MONSTA X confirmed its appearance on Chinese survival program called The Remix.

On April 20, according to the group’s agency Starship Entertainment, the group will appear in the EDM survival program that airs on JiangSu TV as a singer contestant.
The program is one of the most anticipated variety programs. Best Korean and Chinese artists such as Wang Li Hong, Psy, Feng Wang Quan Ji and Ha Lin will participate as a mentor and popular Chinese and Korean stars such as MONSTA X, iKON, SNH48, Wu Mo Chou, Liu Mei Lin, Ji Ke Jun Yi, Zhu Zhu Ai, Li Si Dan Ni and Yi Fei will participate as a mentee and they will have a remix competition in the program. Each one of the participants will receive a lesson from its assigned mentor and perform its unique stage by remixing representative Chinese music.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X, who made its debut in May, 2015, became a popular rookie group in one year after its debut in Korea and even in China. The group is moving forward by receiving a Next Generation Asian Artist Award at Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015 and also performing the opening of Ai Qi Yi Awards Ceremony that held in China.

Photo credit: Starship Entertainment


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