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I.O.I Shares Debut Selfie

Mwave by Cho Hejin May 7, 2016 00:24 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:30
Girl group I.O.I has shared a photo before their debut stage.

Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN shared an image of I.O.I in their dressing room on their official Twitter with the message, “All Korean producers. Our stars are finally making their debut on ‘M COUNTDOWN.’ It’s dangerous outside of our homes, so tune in at 6 PM to watch I.O.I’s debut stage with us.”
In the photo, I.O.I members are looking into the camera with eyes that have high expectations for their debut. The members have an innocent look wearing lace dresses and posing with the peace sign.

The I.O.I members show their playful charm through the second photo my holding up unique poses.

Meanwhile, I.O.I had a successful debut by not only performing title track Dream Girlsbut also performing Knock Knock Knock

Photo credit: M COUNTDOWN Twitter
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