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Wonder Girls to Release First Self-Produced Album

Mwave by Lee Jiyoung Jun 24, 2016 07:02 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:28
Wonder Girls will be making a comeback with self-produced title track Why So Lonely.

Wonder Girls, who will make their comeback on July 5, will release new single album Why So Lonely with title track of the same name Why So Lonely, To The Beautiful You and Sweet & Easy.
Wonder Girls are receiving attention for self-producing their first title track since their debut 10 years ago.

Not only did the members of Wonder Girls self-produce title track Why So Lonely, they also produced the remaining 2 tracks, To The Beautiful You and Sweet & Easy.

Title track Why So Lonely is Wonder Girls′ first attempt at reggae-pop. Members Sunmi and Hyerim composed the track with the help of composer Hong Ji Sang.

To The Beautiful You, which recently gained attention after selling out in less than 2 hours, was composed and written by Sunmi, Yubin, Hyerim and Frants while Sweet & Easy was written by Yeeun and Yubin and composed by Yeeun, Yubin and Hong Ji Sang.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls have proven their abilities as artist through participating in the production of their upcoming single album.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment
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