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BTS′ Suga Receives Praise from Billboard for ′Agust D′

Mwave by Jeon Su Mi Aug 18, 2016 14:33 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:28
BTS′ Suga has been featured on Billboard for his new mixtape Agust D.

On August 16, Billboard published an article titled, "BTS′ Suga Addresses Depression & Cost of Fame on ′Agust D′ Mixtape."
Billboard′s k-pop writer Tamar Herman wrote the article featuring a mixtape, which is unusual for Billboard.

Billboard introduced Suga by saying, "He is the second member of BTS to release a mixtape, following Rap Monster’s RM last year," and stated, "The swaggering rapper took on his and the K-pop industry’s naysayers in his first mixtape, which dropped on Monday (Tuesday in South Korea).

They continued, "Throughout the impassioned 10-track Agust D, Suga added a new element to his career, separating his mixtape artistry from what he’s released with BTS as one of the group’s most prominent songwriters and lyricists."

Additionally, Billboard not only covered title track Agust D, but also introduced tracks Give It To Me, The Last and So Far Awar.

The article also showed their praise for Suga by stating, "Intense in its vulnerability, Agust D was entirely produced by Suga, something atypical within the K-pop world," and, "The accompanying music video for “Agust D” also saw immediate success, and was viewed more than 1 million times within 12 hours of appearing on YouTube.

Photo credit: Billboard screen capture
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