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Twice Releases Schedule for October Comeback

Mwave by Susan Min Oct 10, 2016 08:42 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:18
Girl group Twice has officially started the engine on their comeback by releasing their 3rd mini album promotion time table.

On October 10, Twice released the promotion time table for their 3rd mini album TWICEcoaster:LANE1 through their official homepage and SNS channels.
The time table shows Twice′s promotion schedule beginning October 10 until the release of their album on October 24. On October 11, Twice will be releasing the intro film which will be followed by the release of album images, TT films, music video teasers and more.

Additionally, the time table reveals Twice′s 3rd mini album to be titled TWICEcoaster:LANE1.

The title TWICEcoaster:LANE1 asks fans to enjoy an exciting time with Twice just as you would on a rollercoster. Along with the album title, the time table also reveals the initials TT, which is raising the curiosity of fans.

Meanwhile, Twice will officially make their comeback onto the music scene on October 24.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment
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