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Seo Kang Jun Talks About ′Entourage′ Experience with ′GQ Korea′

Mwave by Susan Min Nov 6, 2016 10:00 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:15
Seo Kang Jun, who is appearing in new drama Entourage has revealed a new photo spread.

Seo Kang Jun recently posed for male fashion magazine GQ Korea and showed off his natural good looks.
In a revealed image, Seo Kang Jun can be seen wearing a partly unbuttoned white shirt and a black hat while gazing to the side.

During the interview following the shoot, Seo Kang Jun talked about his new drama Entourage by saying, "It′s a very new challenge and I′m a little afraid of how to approach the fans with it. It wasn′t hard on my body because it was filmed in advance, but I have been worrying a lot. I focused a lot while filming and am curious how it came out."

When talking about life in general, Seo Kang Jun shared, "When I′m alone at home I talk to my cats, watch TV and if the sunset is pretty, I′ll have a walk and come back home."

Meanwhile, Seo Kang Jun′s new tvN drama Entourage began airing on November 4.

Photo credit: GQ Korea
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