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Twice to Officially Begin Promotions in Japan

Mwave by Susan Min Feb 24, 2017 09:51 Updated Oct 20, 2017 00:10
Twice is officially beginning their Japan promotions in June.

On February 24, Twice announced plans to officially begin promotions in Japan through their Japan website. On the same day, a popular Japanese morning program also announced Twice′s debut plans.

Twice plans to release their debut Japan album #TWICE on June 28 and actively promote in Japan. The album will include a total of 10 tracks including the Korean and Japanese versions of Twice′s hit tracks Like Ooh-Ahh, Cheer Up and TT.

Twice′s official Japanese Twitter, which opened on February 8, gained 60,000 followers within the first day and their mini album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1, which was released on October 2016, was listed number 1 on Oricon′s International Albums chart for the month of November.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to Twice′s official promotions in Japan.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment
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