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Super Junior Writes History with 100th World Tour Concert ′Super Show 6′

Newen by Kim Hyung Woo Sep 22, 2014 14:08 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:02
Writing new history for concerts in Korea, Super Junior became the first Korean group to hold a total of 100 concerts for a world tour.

Nicknamed the hallyu kings, Super Junior held its 100th Super Show 6 on September 21 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Super Junior began the Super Show in 2008 and set a new record with a total of 100 shows with the September 21 concert.

During the Seoul concert, Super Junior performed a relay of hit songs, such as Mr. Simple, Sorry Sorry, Mamacita as well as other songs from its albums. Time was set aside for the performances of Super Junior-M, Donghae and Eunhyuk′s unit group, as well as the unique solo stages of each member, showing the multi-entertainer sides of Super Junior. The group had fans roaring in laughter as Super Junior held a costume show, each member tranforming in a character from the popular movie Frozen.
Leeteuk, who returned as the Super Junior leader after 2 years and four months in the military, began to cry while singing the song Island, making fans teary-eyed as well.

Super Junior performed a total of 32 songs, showcasing dynamic stages for each and capturing the fans with its stage manners.

The concert stage was aided by a large 20x6 meter LED screen, 2 side screens, a pop-up lift, a circular turntable, media performance, laser, as well as other stage equipment, creating spectacular effects. Shindong and Eunhyuk also impressed with their participation in the concert as stage directors.During the press conference, ahead of the 100th concert, Sungmin stated, "It′s such an honor to be the first Korean atist to hold 100 shows in a world tour. We′ll work hard as the representatives of Korea where we go in the world."

"We opened up the Seoul concert in a year and three or four months. We′re thankful for the fans who waited," said Kyuhyun, while Heechul added, "I was able to appear in the Super Show after four years. It′s also a concert that Eunhyuk and Shindong worked hard on, so the meaning is quite different. We′ll do our best to fill in Yesung′s empty spot."

"The Super Show is now a brand. Fans, as well as non-fans, and families can enjoy it," said Shindong. "It′s a bit unfortunate that a lot of people still think it′s a show with idols. But Super Show isn′t like that. We′re always happy when people tell us good reactions of it."
From September 19 to September 21, Super Junior gathered a total of 25,000 fans at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium during the three days.

In the total of 100 shows, Super Junior met with about 1,380,000 people in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Paris, London, Mexico City, Santiagom, as well as cities outside of Asia in Europe and Central and South America, totalling to about 26 cities.The record of the Super Show however did not stop. With the Super Show, Super Junior traveled 415,832 kilometers, a distance that circles the earth 10 times. Super Junior also became the first Korean artist to hold an exclusive concert in France and four countries in South America.

Super Show 3 in 2011 also held the most audience members for a Korean artist in two shows, while the Taipei Super Show 3 had a total of three arena shows for the first time for a foreign artist. In 2012, a similar record was also set during Super Show 4 in Bangkok with the most audience membrs for a total of three shows, a first time for a foreign artist in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will continue the Super Show at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on October 29 and 30.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
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