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SNSD’s Seohyun Thanks SNSD for Spending Last 10 Years Together

Newsen by Jeong Jee Won Oct 15, 2014 11:11 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:03
Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun expressed her gratitude towards the SNSD and Taetiseo members.

During October 14’s broadcast of On Style’s The TaeTiSeo, Seohyun expressed her gratitude towards the SNSD and Taetiseo members for spending the last ten years together, including her trainee days.

Seohyun said, “Sometimes I imagine what it would’ve been like without the unnies. It’s true that I got so used to them as we spent the last ten years together, and thought it’s only natural for them to be with me. But when I think about what it would’ve been like if we weren’t together, I realize that I depend a lot (on the SNSD members).”

Taeyeon also said, “I often think that if it weren’t for the passionate members, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sing. I depend on the member a lot and am proud of them.”

The Taetiseo members then received a photobook from the production team of The TaeTiSeo, containing shots from the previous episodes, and started tearing up.

Tiffany said, “What I prayed about the most as we made our comeback was for us to work with people who have trust in us. Like what Taeyeon said, we’re so grateful since this shows your sincerity.”

Photo credit: On Style
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