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SNSD’s Tiffany is Happy She Can be a Role Model

Mwave by Jeon su mi Oct 21, 2014 15:03 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:04
On Style’s The TaeTiSeo will air ‘Director’s Cut’ showing unreleased clips of Taetiseo on October 21 at 11 p.m. (KST).

The episode will unveil the members sharing their heartfelt stories, friendship, as well as the behind-the-scene secrets. Seohyun also caught attention by going out alone at night when she visited New York for fashion week.

Taetiseo also shared their thoughts on carrying out activities as singers and Taeyeon confessed, “I think I put into action whatever I thought of since I was in middle school. Singing was what I was good at, so I sang.”
Tiffany said, “I came to Korea vulnerably because my parents were against it. I didn’t go home for two and a half years, thinking that I would walk my own path without blaming my parents. I feel sorry if I think about it now, but I’m happy to think that I can be a role model to someone who dreams of becoming a singer,” and started tearing up.

Seohyun, who is known as the ‘model student’ in Girls’ Generation (SNSD), surprised the other members by enjoying a night out in New York.

While having breakfast, Tiffany said, “I saw Seohyun going out last night in a dress, wearing make up,” and Taeyeon shockingly asked, “Seohyun went out in the middle of the night?”

Tiffany and Taeyeon asked Seohyun why she went out as soon as they saw her and Seohyun answered, “I have a friend in New York. I was worried since the dress I bought yesterday had a color that was bit too much but I found a prettier dress, so my friend exchanged it for me.”

Stay tuned for the show airing on October 21!

Photo credit: On Style

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