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Kim Seul Gi Was Shocked by Yoon Hyun Min′s Unscripted Kiss in ′Discovery of Romance′

Newsen by Hwang Hye Jin Oct 23, 2014 13:18 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:04
Kim Seul Gi shared some behind-the-scenes details of her kiss scene with Yoon Hyun Min.

After the conclusion of KBS′ Discovery of Romance on October 7, Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Hyun Min reunited once again as a couple for fashion magazine CeCi.

To those who were sad to miss their sweet dating lives in the drama, the photoshoot came as good news. The two actors played the roles of plastic surgeon, Do Joon Ho, and furniture designer, Yoon Sol. Their characters received much love from the audience after growing up as close as siblings, but slowly developing a romantic relationship.

After receiving compliments that the actors seem like they just jumped out of the drama for the photo shoot, Yoon Hyun Min said, "I played a lot of annoying jokes on Seul Gi while filming. The way she handled it wasn′t that far off from real life, so her acting appeared more natural."

Kim Seul Gi replied, "The kiss scene with Hyun Min was actually not in the script, and he put in a kiss scene as an ad-lib without telling me, so I was so surprised that I fell backwards."

Asked about each other′s positive points, Yoon Hyun Min replied, "Seul Gi thinks fast on her feet. Her outer appearance is just cute, but her sincerity towards acting is very strong. Her endurance is thick."

Seul Gi on the other hand said, "Even if I′m a good actor alone, if I can′t collaborate with the other person, it won′t work. If it wasn′t Hyun Min, we wouldn′t even have the Do Sol Couple. He′s an actor that I want to work together again with."

Editor Hwang Bo Sun, who was in charge of the pictorial and interview stated, "The two actors expressed such a lovable and natural couple during the photoshoot that it felt like I was watching episode 17 of Discovery of Romance. It was a time when I could experience the two actors′ charming synergy effect again."

The full pictorial and interview will be included in the November issue.

Photo Credit: CeCi
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