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[Interview] Epik High Apologizes to Fans for the Rollercoaster Ride Over the Past 11 Years

Mwave by Grace Danbi Hong Oct 31, 2014 13:36 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:04
Epik High expressed its apology and gratitude towards the fans

Epik High released 8th full length album Shoebox on October 21, making a comeback in two years since releasing 7th full length album 99 in October, 2012.

The title song, Happen Ending ranked number one on major music sites for a week as of October 28 and the other tracks also ranked in top ten spots, proving that the past two years were not wasted.

In an interview with Newsen on October 27, Epik High shared, “We’re happy to the point of being shocked. It’s the result that not only us but no one at the company expected so it still doesn’t feel real.”

When asked if he checks the music charts often, Tablo said, “I keep thinking to myself that I shouldn’t check. Many people have already told me they like the album and listen to the songs but the ranking on the charts will drop at some moment. It can’t last forever. So I’ve been trying not to look as much as I can. That’s what all three of us say but we secretly check them in bathrooms. If someone is smiling after using the bathroom, it means he just checked the music charts.”
About naming the album Shoebox, Tukutz said, “The place where you say goodbye to the people you live with is near the shoebox. In our case, that’s where we say bye to our wives and children. It’s the place of parting. When I come home after work, it′s the first place I greet them. Since the shoebox is the place where partings and meetings are repeated, I wanted to hold all emotions there.”

Tablo said, “I was organizing my shoebox the other day. The Epik High members all love shoes. Those who love hip-hop have special love for sneakers. One time Tukutz bought me a pair of shoes I liked. It was when we were promoting Fly and the shoes were so worn off that they didn’t even have shoestring. When I looked at them, it brought back memories from the time. Some shoes will remind me of meeting certain someone while other shoes will remind me of the worst day of my life. I think shoes, out of all other pieces of clothing, are items that hold many thoughts. They also get stepped on and go through the toughest times. So I thought ‘Shoebox’ was the perfect expression to use in talking about one person’s life."

Having debuted with the first album Map Of The Human Soul in 2003, Epik High celebrated its 11th anniversary this year. To Epik High, fans are the people to be thankful but sorry for at the same time.

“When I think about the fans, I feel both thankful and apologetic. If was a fan of Epik High, I would think, ‘It would’ve been nice if I was a fan of people who lived a smoother life.” (Tablo)

“There’s honestly no reason to go through difficulties by being a fan of some artist” (Tukutz)

“There’s probably no other team who had so many twists and turns like us. I feel so bad for having the fans go through tough times. We would have to understand even if the fans are tired of it. I think the fans like becoming more similar to us. They have accepted and waited for us, even though many things have happened, so I’m happy.” (Mithra)

About Epik High’s fans, Tablo said, “Even though it has been 11 years since we debuted, Epik High still doesn’t have an official fan club. We never made one and the people like us have been voluntarily carrying out activities. There are those who don’t engage in any activities. Most people who like our music are those who don’t think about Epik High everyday but just think, ‘Epik High is back’ when we release an album. They are the ones who like Epik High’s music as they like other groups and actors at the same time, so it’s a bit hard for me to talk about the fans.”

“We’re not people with an amazing fandom. It seemed like some fans started gathering around the active fans after our album received a good response. But once they mobilized, they didn’t know how to vote for music programs and were confused. They didn’t know how to go about things. I heard from the company that other fandoms have been teaching them. When I heard that, I thought they were so cute. I heard the fans of other idol groups, not even the ones from our company, have been teaching them. It was cute and awesome to see the fans cheering for the singers they like by communicating with one another.” (Tablo)

Meanwhile, Epik High will be launching a solo concert in 5 years, titled Parade 2014 between November 14 and 16 in Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment
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