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Lee Jong Suk Gets Exhilarated Upon Entering City in ‘Pinocchio’

Newsen by Park Ah Reum Nov 3, 2014 14:59 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:05
‘Country boy’ Lee Jong Suk expressed his joy with his whole body as he entered the city.

On November 3, SBS’s Pinocchio released a set of still cuts of Lee Jong Suk playing ‘Choi Dal Po,’ a former taxi driver who hides his special ability.

In the photos, Lee Jong Suk has completely transformed into a country boy from an island, who is overjoyed being in the city. Lee Jong Suk brings out laughter by making different poses, shooting out hearts from his fingers or laying on the ground.
The drama production team stated, “The pictures show Dal Po, who comes to the city in order to attend a ‘quiz show,’ and it will be a meaningful and entertaining episode. Lee Jong Suk’s Dal Po was well depicted. Please show anticipation for his acting.”

Pinocchio, starring Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yubi, is about a man living under a false name and a woman who cannot tell a lie. It is set to air on November 12.

Photo credit: iHQ
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