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Lee Yubi to Step Off as MC of ‘Inkigayo’ to Focus on ‘Pinocchio’

Newsen by Park Ji Ryun Nov 6, 2014 17:54 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:05
Lee Yubi will be leaving Inkigayo.

Lee Yubi’s agency rep told Newsen on November 6, “She will be stepping off as the MC of SBS Inkigayo in order to focus on SBS’s upcoming drama Pinocchio. We made the decision because once the project begins, she would sometimes would have to empty out her schedules for a whole day and we didn’t want to cause any damage.”
The agency rep revealed, “Provisionally, this week’s broadcast of Inkigayo will be Lee Yubi’s last time hosting the show. We’re still in the process of adjusting the details.”

Lee Yubi has been hosting Inkigayo since February. She will be playing reporter ‘Yoon Yoo Rae,’ a former sasaeng fan of idol, in Pinocchio, which will begin on November 12.

Photo credit: Newsen
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