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Block B Transforms into Villains for 10,000 Fans During Encore Concert

Newsen by Kim Hyung Woo Nov 24, 2014 17:11 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:07
Block B successfully completed its encore concert titled 2014 Blockbuster Remastering.

Block B launched its encore concert on November 22 and 23 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. With the word ′Remastering′ added to the title, the recent concert was an encore to Block B’s first solo concert 2014 Blockbuster, which launched in May. Gathering over 10,000 fans for the two-day concert, Block B caught the fans’ hearts by showing restless and passionate stages for 150 minutes.
Heating up the handball gymnasium by performing 24 songs, including Very Good, Jackpot, Her, NalinA, Nillili Mambo and more, Block B showcased additional different solo and unit performances in comparison to the May concert, presenting a whole new concert.

The message that Block B brought forth during the concert was ‘I’m Your Villain′ with Black B members presenting ‘bad-ass’ stages, claiming themselves as villains and that the ‘good’ world centering the protagonist is no fun.

In the middle of romantically singing a charming song, P.O. transformed all of a sudden, changing up the atmosphere as Zico appeared with Don Mills in the first ever performance of Tough Cookie, receiving ear splitting cheers from the crowd.
During the concert, Block B announced the next ‘soloist’ from the group, who will be taking the baton from Zico. The video for Block B’s second soloist was played with the title song I′ll Just Hold Your Hand and Sleep (translated) and the audience members all responded with passionate cheers.

Block B also presented Unordinary Girl, Close My Eyes and Be The Light as well as Taeil and Jaehyo’s warm ballads, calming down the heated atmosphere with warm sentiments.

Wrapping up the concert, Block B said, “We’re sad that this will be our last solo concert this year. The more concerts we do, the more we enjoy them and feel regretful when they’re over. We’re grateful for all the audience who shined in today’s event. We would like to interact with many audience members through more concerts next year too.”

Meanwhile, Block B will be launching its official debut showcase in Tokyo Sinagawa Stellar Ball on December 6.

Photo credit: Seven Seasons
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