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Big Bang’s Taeyang Praises G-Dragon’s Good Natured Character

Mwave by Grace Danbi Hong Nov 26, 2014 16:36 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:07
Big Bang’s Taeyang praised G-Dragon’s character.

On November 25, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang attended a roundtable interview in a cafe in Mapo-gu, sharing their thoughts on releasing the new song Good Boy and carrying out unit activities.

As YG’s hip-hop project unit group GD X Taeyang, G-Dragon and Taeyang released the new song Good Boy on November 21.

Co-composed by G-Dragon, The Fliptones and Freedo with G-Dragon arranging and writing the lyrics, Good Boy features catchy trap beats with G-Dragon’s sentimental rap and melody on top of Taeyang’s groovy vocals, differentiating itself from other trap music. The music video with its fancy camera works and sentimental visuals has recorded getting 6,003,935 hits as of 1 p.m. on November 25 (KST).

About what made him work on a hip-hop project with G-Dragon, Taeyang said, “G-Dragon and I didn’t come up with the project after deciding to go for unit activities. My album was released this year and G-Dragon took significant participation in my album. There were many songs that we worked on together, and as we worked on a couple of Big Bang’s songs, we began focusing on the music we like and want to do these days. Since G-Dragon and I spent a lot of time together in the recording studio, the song was produced naturally.”

G-Dragon said, “Even for Big Bang albums, I would make the demos, and Taeyang and I would always be the ones to record the other members’ parts together. T.O.P was busy filming movies, Daesung was on his Japan tour and Seungri had something to do, so Taeyang and I spent a lot of time together. So, there was a lot of music made as demo versions, and after he listened to them, Yang Hyun Suk told us that I should sing it with Taeyang. Personally, I was in YG with Taeyang since I was 13 years old. We’ve often featured in each other’s albums but we never came out together, and I thought it’d be fun to do so, which led us to release the single.”

The two met each other as YG Entertainment’s trainees at the age of 13 and have been together for the past 14 years. Other than promoting as Big Bang, they have participated in each other’s solo albums in the past, musically growing together.

About this G-Dragon said, “Brothers fight sometimes but we don’t fight. I think he’s better than a brother,” and laughed.

When the reporters asked Taeyang to say something good about G-Dragon, he said, “I think he is a really good person. His heart itself is really good-natured. I watch him from closeby, and Jiyong is someone who makes me wonder if a person should be that good. He has no evil in his mind and is good-natured. Actually, there are too many things to praise him about. But if I do, I think it would seem like I’m praising him too much.”

Photo credit: YG Entertainment
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