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Simon D Wants to Be with Kang Sora in Falling Snow

Newsen by Hwang Hye Jin Dec 5, 2014 17:36 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:08
Rapper Simon D confessed his interest in Kang Sora.

During the December 4 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Dreaming Radio, Simon D named Kang Sora as the female celebrity he would like to be in the snow with.

DJ Tablo said, “There was a survey like this. Suzy was voted number one as the most wanted female celebrity to be in the snow with. Do you personally know Suzy?”

Simon D said, “We say hi when we see each other at the broadcasting station.”

Tablo asked, “Is Suzy pretty? I wonder what it would feel like to be in the snow with Suzy, when you get hit by the snowfall that Suzy throws.”

Simon D said, “I think I would be happy even if I die. I like Suzy. There is no one who dislikes Suzy.”

Simon D said, “I like Kang Sora these days. Her popularity has been rising through the drama tvN’s Misaeng,” and joked, “I want to be in the snow with Kang Sora. I just want to get hit by Kang Sora. I want to get hit, whether I get slapped on my face or get punched in my stomach.”
Tablo said, “Im Si Wan was voted as the most wanted male celebrity to be with in the snow,” and Simon D revealed, “I’m close to Im Si Wan. We did a sitcom together and we’re both from Busan. I sent him a message saying that I’ve been enjoying watching Misaeng.”

Tablo suggested, “Then why don’t you ask Im Si Wan to introduce you to Kang Sora,” and Simon D said, “I texted Im Si Wan, ‘Kang Sora is so pretty’ but he hasn’t replied. He hasn’t read it.”

Tablo said, “This somehow turned into a broadcast about Simon D making his confession to Kang Sora. We heard well about who Simon D likes these days.”

Photo credit: Newsen
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