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[Interview] Kim Woo Bin Feels Apologetic to Jun Ji Hyun For Comparisons to ‘Yenicall’ from ‘The Thieves’

Newsen by Ha Soo Jung Dec 18, 2014 16:21 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:09
Kim Woo Bin confessed that he never expected himself to be compared to Jun Ji Hyun from The Thieves.

On December 18, Kim Woo Bin attended an interview with Newsen at a cafe in Samcheong-dong prior to the premiere of his movie The Technicians.

Kim Woo Bin’s still cuts as a safe cracker, which were released before the movie premiered, gathered responses saying that he looks ‘sexy’ and were compared to ‘Yenicall’ Jun Ji Hyun from The Thieves.

Kim Woo Bin said, “I didn’t expect at all to be compared to Jun Ji Hyun sunbaenim. I wondered, ‘Is Ji Hyuk sexy?’ Even the director never used the word sexy. I found out later that the promotional documents frequently used the word sexy. Even for the shower scene, I exercised in order to look built, not to make a sexy body. So I was a bit shocked.”
Kim Woo Bin added, “I really enjoyed watching The Thieves and as a fan, I feel bad to hear those kinds of things. I used to be in the same agency as Jun Ji Hyun sunbaenim so even though I’m not personally acquainted, I feel close to her. She is a sunbaenim I respect a lot. I feel grateful and apologetic at the same time.”

Meanwhile, The Technicians will depict the story of a group of technicians trying to rob 150 billion won hidden in Incheon Customs in just 40 minutes. Kim Woo Bin took the role of ‘Ji Hyuk’ who is the youngest technician but has the abilities of a veteran, Go Chang Seok acted as gravitation supplier ‘Goo In,’ Lee Hyun Woo acted as the server hacker ‘Jong Bae,’ Kim Young Chul acted as the plan maker ‘president Cho,’ Im Ju Hwan acted as the wrap up technician ‘manager Jung’ and Jo Yoon Hee played the charming bait ‘Eun Ha.’

The movie is set to premiere on December 24.

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment
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