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Lee Hi Says Yang Hyun Suk Shows Favoritism Towards Akdong Musician

Newsen by Jo Yeon Kyung Dec 30, 2014 10:53 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:10
During the December 29 broadcast of SBS’ Healing Camp, Lee Hi revealed that Yang Hyun Suk treats each singer differently and said, “He favors Akdong Musician.”

Lee Hi said, “Su Hyun has so much aegyo. So when she uses her aegyo, sajangnim (boss) actually runs away.”

Lee Su Hyun shared, “The time I used my aegyo the most was when I texted sajangnim because I really wanted to use SNS. Instead of writing ‘sajangnim~’ I wrote ‘saddangnim~’ and I asked, ‘Would you please let me do SNS?’” and she showed her aegyo on the spot.

Lee Chan Hyuk then shared, “No other singer at YG is like that. I think he was flustered experiencing that for the first time.”

Lee Hi said, “Upon seeing Su Hyun’s aegyo, sajangnim says, ‘yeyeyes you can. You can do as you wish.’ So I learned aegyo from Su Hyun and used it once. But instead of backing away like with Su Hyun, he gives me the response ‘What are you doing?’ So I don’t do it.”

Photo credit: SBS
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