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‘Here Comes Family’ PD Reveals Reasons Behind Casting Choices

Newsen by Park Ji Ryun Dec 30, 2014 17:46 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:10
Joo Dong Min PD revealed the story behind the drama casting.

Joo Dong Min PD attended the press conference for SBS’ upcoming drama Here Comes Family on December 30 at the SBS building in Mokdong and shared the story behind the casting.

Joo Dong Min PD said, “Our drama is a very comical drama with pathos. I’m trying to depict how people respond and change in front of money,” and added, “There are many elements that viewers will like, like a well prepared table. I hope you can enjoy watching.”

Joo Dong Min PD then said, “I thought Jin Yi Han looks handsome. And Lee Jung Hyun has been my goddess ever since Bakkwo. I contacted her when The Admiral: Roaring Currents was gaining box office success and she gladly accepted the offer and waited for the scripts. She is my savior. For Oh Sang Jin, I thought he could add humor because he looks honest and does not look like a swindler. He will be acting as the villain in this drama. And all men like So Jin. So I also wanted to work with her.”

Joo Dong Min PD also revealed, “I contacted N because my younger girl cousins like him. Thankfully, he accepted the offer. I was a fan of Ahn Hye Kyung ever since she was a weather forecaster. I was impressed with Han Min Chae acting as a villain in a KBS drama.”
SBS’ drama Here Comes Family is a family drama combined with the elements of a romantic-comedy about Choi Dong Suk (Jin Yi Han) and his family surrounding 20 billion won worth of inheritance, the life of grandmother Jung Kkeut Soon (Park Won Soon) and the romance between the protagonists Choi Dong Suk and Na Joon Hee (Lee Jung Hyun).

Here Comes Family is set to begin on January 3 through SBS.

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