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[Video] f(x)’s Amber Shares Her Scars from Past in ‘Beautiful’ MV

Mwave by Lee Ji Young Feb 25, 2015 18:36 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:12
The music video for Beautiful,which Amber wrote the lyrics to three years ago, has been unveiled.

During the February 24 broadcast of Mnet’s 4gaji Show, Amber revealed the music video for Beautiful, which tells her own story, for the first time.
During the broadcast, Amber said about Beautiful, “What I thought about when I was writing the song is, ‘I really like myself so why am I trying to hide myself?’ It may sound selfish, but the song contains my determination to ‘act however I want to act from now on.’”

Beautiful features Amber’s hidden singing skills and charming voice.

The song is characterized by the lyrics expressing her painful memories from the past.

Photo credit: Mnet
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