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Ye Won Says Many Men Have Shown Interest in Her Since ‘Infinity Challenge’ 90s Special

Mwave by Lee Ji Young Feb 26, 2015 13:54 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:12
Ye Won confessed that many men started showing interest in her since she appeared on Infinity Challenge.

KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3 recently recorded the ‘King of Self Management Special,’ inviting over the ‘king of image management’ Song Jae Lim, ‘the king of blood circulation management’ Kim Hye Eun, ‘the king of housework management’ Kim Ji Suk and ‘the king of dating management’ Ye Won.

Revealing that she has a lot of knowledge in terms of dating, Ye Won confessed, “There are many men who began showing interest in me since I appeared on Infinity Challenge ? Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (Totoga). Even the men I’ve known from before texted me saying that I’m cute.”
When asked, “Why aren’t you dating at such a prime age for dating?” Ye Won answered, “I’m the type that watched out for rumors. Before I debuted, I had my first kiss with a senior at my school but it turned out he had a girlfriend. But the rumors spread as if I did something wrong so everyone looked at me in a bad way,” revealing why she is careful about dating.

She also named ‘helium balloon gift’ as the most heart touching event she has ever received, increasing everyone’s curiosity.

Upon hearing that, Kim Ji Suk shared, “I gift two pairs of shoes to my girlfriend. I give her a pair of pretty heels and a pair of sneakers, saying she should quickly come back to me if she leaves for another man.”

Happy Together 3 featuring Ye Won will air on February 26.

Photo credit: KBS
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