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Lee Hyori′s Contract with B2M Entertainment Revealed to Have Ended in 2013

Newsen by Feb 27, 2015 10:41 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:12
Regarding reports that Lee Hyori has become a free agent, B2M Entertainment revealed its stance.

On February 27, Lee Hyori′s agency, B2M Entertainment′s CEO, Gil Jong Hwa, talked about the news report that said Lee Hyori′s contract with the agency has ended. "I don′t know if the meaning of free agent fits in this situation."

Lee Hyori and B2M Entertainment already ended their contract in August 2013. As Lee Hyori and Gil Jong Hwa have known each other since the Fin.K.L days, they′ve remained close and supported each other in the business. After Lee Hyori got married, she hasn′t done any particular promotions, so they are currently walking different paths.

Gil Jong Hwa told Newsen on February 27, "I don′t think the phrase, ′free agent declaration′ is correct."

The CEO added, "It′s been a while since the contract ended and Lee Hyori has been doing her personal activities. We′ve just helped support her."

"The word ′contract′ does not match with Lee Hyori. Even when she was with B2M Entertainment, she didn′t take a signing bonus. I hope no misunderstandings rise from this."

An affiliate of Lee Hyori also stated, "After her contract with B2M Entertainment ended, Lee Hyori′s only working through close acquaintances. She′s currently not looking for a new agency or thinking of working with management."

"The meanings of free agent declaration and free agent advancement are different. I believe she will continue where she is now for the time being."

Photo Credit: Newsen
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