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Ji Chang Wook Sees Rise in Popularity Overseas After ′Healer′

Mwave by hongjuko Mar 10, 2015 14:51 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:13
The drama Healer has concluded, but he′s still going through busy schedules. Ji Chang Wook shared his recent state as a hallyu star.

On March 6, fans rushed to Incheon International Airport upon hearing the news that Ji Chang Wook was returning to Seoul.

After returning from a two-day schedule in Hong Kong, Ji Chang Wook couldn′t help but to show his surprise when he was suddenly swarmed by fans. The more surprising point was that the majority of the fans were Chinese fans who flew over to Korea with him after finding out his schedules. The videos that the Chinese fans caught of Ji Chang Wook′s arrival spread quickly through Weibo and other SNS, resulting in high views. Despite being in the middle of a large crowd of fans, Ji Chang Wook continued to keep his good manners and a smile on his face, as well as a slightly startled expression, bringing much joy to fans.

Ji Chang Wook′s agency rep told enews, "We arrived without a thought, so we were quite surprised. Due to the unexpected situation, we had to request help from security. Thanks to the drama Healer, the number of fans from overseas grew, and we′re just thankful."

Ji Chang Wook was invited as an Asian representative of a VIP event for Alfred Dunhill, a British luxury menswear brand, and departed for Hong Kong on March 5. Affiliates shared that Ji Chang Wook′s popularity in the local area was quite great.
This VIP event, taking place with many public figures in Hong Kong as well as John Ray, the creative director for Dunhill, was a very private occasion. But to the hundreds of fans who came to see Ji Chang Wook, the event had to be postponed for a short while.

An affiliate stated, "We′re thankful for the interest and support we′ve received from the airport to the event. Please anticipate Ji Chang Wook who will continue to lead hallyu as an actor."

Following Healer, Ji Chang Wook is currently searching for his next project. With Ji Chang Wook a strong candidate for director Park Kwang Hyun′s Modified City, his agency stated, "It′s one of the projects that we′re currently looking into. We can′t give a definite answer yet, but we′ll work hard to greet fans with a better image."

Photo Credit: enews DB, Glorious Entertainment
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