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[Video] K.Will Delivers Tearful MV for ‘Growing’ feat. Son Ho Jun and Park Ha Sun

Mwave by gracedanbi Mar 25, 2015 14:20 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:14
Tragically expressing that not every flower that blossoms is beautiful, K.Will released his latest album RE:.

K.Will released his new mini album RE: on March 25, unveiling the music video for the title song Growing, featuring Son Ho Jun and Park Ha Sun.

In the music video, Son Ho Jun attempts to forget his past lover, but is painfully reminded of her every time spring comes around.

The lyrics say, “Sometimes a day passes with me forgetting you / Sometimes I dream of someone else than you / But even so, in my heart a flower called you keeps on blossoming / In my heart no no no / You painfully grow.”

On March 25, K.Will will perform Growing for the first time on SBS Power FM’s Great Radio, where he is the DJ.

Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment
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