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2AM Members Choose to Go Separate Ways But Will Not Disband

Mwave by jinho Mar 26, 2015 11:44 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:15
Entering their eighth year since their debut, the 2AM members have decided to go their separate ways but deny they are disbanding.

Jo Kwon has decided to stay at JYP, while Lim Seulong and Jung Jin Woon will be leaving for new agencies. Although it seems like the group is taking steps to disband, the affiliates and their agency are waving their hands, claiming, “The group will not be disbanding.”

An affiliate of JYP told enews, “Jo Kwon decided to renew his contract with JYP and Lim Seulong and Jung Jin Woon decided to leave for another agency. Lee Chang Min’s contract with JYP ends in July and Big Hit Entertainment has been in charge of his management.”

Jo Kwon will be continuing his activities in music and musicals, which he has been focusing on lately. Lim Seulong has signed with SidusHQ, while Jung Jin Woon will be signing with Mystic Entertainment. They will be promoting as singers and actors at the same time.

As a result, the members will all be walking their separate paths, leading to rumors claiming 2AM’s disbandment.
However, a JYP rep stated, “There is still possibility for 2AM to promote together. The g.o.d members also promote together although they are in different agencies. The 2AM members are also very close to each other, so there is a high chance for them to carry out group activities.”

Ever since their debut in 2008, the 2AM members have stayed together as a team without being swept up in rumors of conflicts or trouble. When they released the new album Over the Destiny in 2014, the members said, “We come together when we struggle. We don’t know what will happen years later but there will absolutely be no team disbandment.”

When the affiliate and the members’ words are put together, the 2AM members will be focusing on their individual activities but will come together as a group again when necessary. It’s the approach that idol group Shinhwa took and settled in, while g.o.d also came together and released a new album in 2014, although the members are in different agencies.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment
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