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miss A Suzy Becomes New Member of Honor Society to Help Others

Newsen by Yoon Hyo Jung Apr 1, 2015 13:40 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:16
Wanting to help others, miss A′s Suzy joined the Honor Society.

According to the Community Chest of Korea, Suzy joined as the 791st member of the Honor Society, a group that consists of people who′ve donated more than a hundred million won.

Suzy joined through the Community Chest of Korea in her hometown, Gwangju. She stated, "I was able to learn about the Honor Society through my parents and good people around me. I decided to join to be even a small help to people through donations."

"I want to support the treatment of children who are suffering from cancer and incurable diseases." Suzy donated a hundred million won to the Community Chest of Korea in Gwangju on February 17 and expressed her wishes to join the Honor Society. Suzy has shown particular interest in helping patients with incurable diseases. Previously, she has appealed to raise funds for young patients with leukemia, sponsored orphanages, and volunteered to help feed the elderly. In April of 2014, she anonymously donated 50 million won.

Suzy is the seventh celebrity to be part of the Honor Society and the second girl group member after SNSD′s Yoona.

In order to be a member of the Honor Society, a donation of a hundred million won or an agreement to donate the sum within five years must be made to the Community Chest of Korea. The agreement is to donate an initial sum of 3 million won or more followed by 20 million won or more each year.

Photo Credit: Newsen
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