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M.I.B′s Kangnam, Park Han Byul, Lee Jung Jin and More Join ′The Laws of the Jungle′ for Micronesia

Newsen by Yoon Hyo Jung Apr 16, 2015 15:59 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:19
Strong man Kangnam will be joining The Laws of the Jungle.

On April 16, a SBS affiliate told Newsen, "Kangnam will be appearing on The Laws of the Jungle."

Along with the confirmation, the 19th team to head to the jungle was revealed. With the fixed members, Kim Byung Man and Ryu Dam, Lee Jung Jin, Ryu Seung Soo, Park Han Byul, and Kangnam will be headed to the Yap island in Micronesia, where they will fight for survival.
With a fresh group of stars, anticipation is already gathering. Lee Jung Jin and Park Han Byul, who rarely appear on variety program, is expected to spill their charms. Ryu Seung Soo will especially be heading to the jungle after getting married to his bride on April 20. Kangnam, who has risen as a top variety star on various programs, is bringing attention to see how he′ll cope in the jungle.

Meanwhile, the Yap island team will be leaving for Micronesia on April 27.

Photo Credit: Newsen
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