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[Director′s Commentary/Video] Oh My Girl Aims for Your Heart in ′Cupid′ MV

Mwave by gracedanbi Apr 20, 2015 18:01 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:19
Making a sweet debut, Oh My Girl unveiled the music video for the title track Cupid from its first mini album Oh My Girl.In the music video, released on April 20, the Oh My Girl members transform into adorable cupids, bringing couples together by shooting their arrows. Cupid was produced by Shin Hyuk and Joombas Music Factory. The lyrics were written by Kim Eana.

The music video was shot by ZanyBros, whom you can find out more about in our exclusive interview.

We will also be launching a special Director′s Commentary series with ZanyBros, in which the directors will share episodes and stories from the music video set.

Check out the music video below and read on for the Director′s Commentary.

Q: What is the concept of the music video?
ZanyBros: We tried to follow the main concept of the song and the personality of the members. The song is about CUPID′s love, a sweet and innocent love, and the members are very cute and playful young girls. The color of the song reflects in the set color, and the storyline of the girls being cupids and making people who do not like each other fall in love.

Q: What is the story behind the big bunny in the background?
ZanyBros: We love animals, especially cute and fluffy animals. We recently added a new member to our Zanybros family which is a white bunny, and when we first heard Oh My Girl′s Cupid and met the members, the first impression we had was CUTE. We wanted to use a giant bunny in the dance set and we think it fit well with the girls personality and concept.

Q: What was the most difficult part of filming this music video?
ZantBros: We filmed for a long time, and among the many sets we filmed, the scene where we filmed the girls in the rain of confetti was hard because it took many takes to get the perfect shot and the confetti got stuck in the studio ceiling many times and a hard time coming down.

Q: Any funny stories from the set?
ZanyBros: There were many funny stories, but the funniest must be when we shot the street scene were the different people fall in love with each other after getting ′shot′ by the Oh My Girl members with their cupid powers. Some of the actors were from the artists′ staff and our own production team, so it was very comical for the girls and us to see our friends act as these couples.

Q: What were your first impressions of Oh My Girl?
ZanyBros: Very professional, lovely, natural, cute and funny. Even though it was their first MV shoot and they weren′t used to the long and hard schedules, the girls were always cheering each other as well as the staff on. We all felt like a family on set, and so we all enjoyed filming this MV a lot.

Photo Credit: WM Entertainment
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