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Park Jin Young Shares Thoughts on Current Issues Regarding Foreign Members

Mwave by gracedanbi Apr 29, 2015 16:13 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:21
Park Jin Young shared his personal opinion on recent issues concerning contracts with foreign singers.

On April 29, the press conferenece for the Mnet-JYP Entertainment-produced debut project program Sixteen took place at the 63 Convention Hall in Yeongdeungpo.

As Sixteen includes JYP trainees from Taiwan, Japan and Thailand, Park Jin Young was asked about the current issue with foreign artists.Right now, we′re passing the transitional phase after experiencing some trial and error. Truthfully, up until this point, we′ve been raising talented individuals in Korea and sent them abroad, but now for cultural exchange, we′ve chosen and raised foreigners, said Park Jin Young.

"I think the issues that are coming out now are the trial and error of a transitional phase. As we experience these kinds of issues, I think we′ll be able to find the most rational and fairest contractual terms and action plans in the end."
Another thing that must be done in addition to that is that in the end, it′s all about something a person does. Whether it′s dancing or singing, or whatever, you have to share your values with each other, continued Park Jin Young.

"If you′re in it for the money, of course you′ll lean more towards the side that provides the most money, but other than economical issues, if you can sincerely share your values, I think the relationships can become a bit stronger. Of course, it would be hard to block everything with just this, but I think if you can share your values, it′s possible to help prevent that kind of problematic issue from occuring even in the smallest sense."

Sixteen will begin on May 5.

Photo Credit: enews/Hea Jung Min
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