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[Interview] Kim Woo Bin is Sincerely Thankful to Have Gained Kang Ha Neul and 2PM′s Junho as Friends

Newsen by Jo Yeon Kyung Apr 29, 2015 18:21 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:21
Kim Woo Bin struck a pose during his interview with Newsen.

After hitting a home run with the movie Twenty, Kim Woo Bin shared what happened behind the scenes while filming Twenty, his friendship with actors around his age, as well as his present and future as an actor and a man in his 20s during the interview with Newsen.
Regarding his Twenty co-stars, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM′s Junho, Kim Woo bin said, ′I′ve done three projects up to Twenty with Ha Neul. He′s exactly the same as when I first saw him. In the previous project, we didn′t have much interaction, but this time, we spent a lot of time together and I discovered that he′s an even better kid than I thought he was. He′s a friend who gives energy and whom I want to see often."

"I noticed that Ha Neul was going through some hardships recently and he′s fighting through well. I want to be of strength to him, but I honestly don′t know the answer either, so I can only give him a shoulder to lean on when he′s struggling," said Kim Woo Bin. "It′s unfortunate, but I hope I can be even a tiny bit of comfort for him. I hope the reporters can be nice to him too. He′s a really good friend."

Talking about Junho, Kim Woo Bin said, "Junho is exactly as he is on the screen. He′s a famous idol group member and a friend I thought was very cool. I used to feel a bit of distance with him, but after seeing him up close, he′s full of charms."

"These days, the three of us contact each other every day and chatter away. We play a lot of jokes and talk about a lot of things. I′m sincerely happy to have gained two great friends. I want to see them for a very long time."
When asked if his closest friends from his modeling days, such as Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, and more get jealous of his newfound friendships like with Lee Jong Suk from School 2014, Kim Woo Bin burst out laughing.

"They don′t get jealous. They′re so busy that they don′t have time to think about those kinds of things. We still contact each other from time to time, but it′s hard for us to get together, so it′s been awhile since we′ve seen each other."

"Even so, there are relationships where you haven′t seen the person for years, but once you see them again, it feels like nothing has changed. Even though they′re not around, it seems like they are. That′s how my friends are like."

"For Jong Suk, it′s hard for me to say ′let′s go eat.′ We both know just how tired we both are. We′re both tired and busy, and it′s kind of iffy to say something and reject it. I think it would be fine to meet each other when we′re both pretty free and let all of our burdens loose. We won′t become distant because we don′t see each other," added Kim Woo Bin.

"When I went to the fan meeting? He cried like no other there, but as soon as it was over, he didn′t say much. More than talking, we′re the types to express ourselves gradually. I told him that if he didn′t come to the screening, I would get upset, and so he came. It′s like that."

Comparing himself with his movie character, Chi Ho, Kim Woo Bin said, "Chi Ho can be explained easily by saying he′s very popular and is a player, but honestly, out of the three, he′s just good at pretending to know a lot about women. He doesn′t really know them. In the end, they′re all just 20 years old. He can be quite naive."

"When I was acting, I tried really hard to pretend to know everything about women. I kept thinking, ′I know women very well.′"

Kim Woo Bin continued, "But I′m quite different. I don′t even ask my friends for advice on relationships. ′I have a girlfriend. I dated her here. I′m struggling because of this,′ - I don′t even say things like that. I don′t like doing it, and I also don′t think anything will change greatly even if I do it."

"When friends come to ask me for advice, I hear them out, but I don′t rush to give them advice. My thoughts might not be the answer. It′s kind of iffy."
When asked what he would do if his best friend dated his ex-girlfriend or his younger sister started dating his friend, Kim Woo Bin said, "That has never happened to me yet, but it still frustrates me. In my standards, it′s situation that doesn′t make any sense. I think I was able to overlook it because it was a movie."

"If my younger sister really liked him, I can′t really do anything about it, but I wouldn′t welcome the situation. On the other hand, I think it could be better for me to know the person well instead of a complete stranger.... No, I think it′s not right."

Kim Woo Bin has suddenly grown as a representative actor in his 20s. And the word ′trend′ always follows his name. He′s also in a situation where he must accept the changes that are happening at all cost.

When asked about the changes and if he feels burdened by them, Kim Woo Bin says, "Project wise, the range has grown. I′m very thankful for that. More than other thoughts, I′m always determined to keep myself grounded. Because there are so many people around me that are working for me, I want to discuss with them and continue moving step by step." I don′t think I have to walk quickly. I want to move slowly. The things that I have now don′t all belong to me. That′s for sure. I believe that things change at any time, said Kim Woo bin.

"I write in my journal often, and every time I do, I write, ′Don′t think that this is to be expected. Just because I′m used to it, don′t think that it′s all mine.′ That′s my biggest worry and the line that I shouldn′t cross."

This is Kim Woo Bin who believes that his next project will ′come to him like fate.′ Something that cannot happen without fate because it′s working with many people for several months on one project.

"I don′t think it′s something that happens because you want to do it," said Kim Woo Bin. "Personally, I want to show sides to myself that I haven′t shown. I′d like it if it was a project and character that had a comfortable and bright feeling. Of course, the first priority is if it matches well with me."

"Both movies and dramas have loads of charms, so I don′t want to be picky."

Photo Credit: Newsen/Lee Jae Ha
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