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Park Bo Young, Jo Jeong Seok, Im Joo Hwan, Kim Seul Gi, and Park Jung Ah Confirm for ′Oh My Ghostess′

Mwave by junsumi May 14, 2015 14:27 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:23
The new tvN romantic comedy drama, Oh My Ghostess (translated/working title) has confirmed its main cast.

Oh My Ghostess is about a chef′s assistant, who becomes possessed by a vulgar virgin ghost, and a snobby star chef. After working together in 2014 on High Schooler King of Life, director Yoo Jae Won and writer Yang Hee Seung have teamed up again after a year of preparation for the new drama.

Especially with the return of Park Bo Young to the smallscreen after seven years and with Jo Jeong Seok, the anticiation is already high.

Park Bo Young will play Na Bong Sun, a chef′s assistant who gets possessed by a lewd virgin ghost. Due to her timid and shy personality, she has no friends and isn′t particularly skilled in the restaurant she works in, but after she becomes possesed by the virgin ghost, her personality changes a complete 180 degrees.

Jo Jeong Seok will play the snobby star chef, Kang Seon Woo, who secretly crushes on Na Bong Sun. Having good looks and excellent cooking abilities, Kang Seon Woo one day realizes that he is getting over his past lover and paying more attention to Na Bong Sun after her personality shifts completely.

Im Joo Hwan plays the honest and handsome police officer, Choi Sung Jae. Known for his strong and impactful acting in movies and dramas, Im Joo Hwan will act as a man who lives a staright and narrow life. He will be brothers-in-law with Jo Jeong Seok.

Acting as the virgin ghost, Shin Soon Ae, will be Kim Seul Gi. Shin Soon Ae is a obscene virgin ghost, who loves people but never dated when she was alive.

In order to vent out her sorrows, she tries to possess as many women as she could and seduce men. She ends up possessing Na Bong Sung, finding out that she′s a perfect match with Na Bong Sun′s body.
Park Jung Ah, who is returning to acting after a year, will play Jo Jeong Seok′s friend and his secret first love, Lee So Hyung. A bright and confident PD of a broadcast station, Lee So Hyung is one of the few people that Jo Jeong Seok cherishes. The two end up working together on a cooking program.

With the cast now confirmed, Oh My Ghostess plans to begin filming at the end of May. It will begin in July.

Photo Credit: tvN
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