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VIXX′s Hyuk to Make Acting Debut in New Movie

Mwave by Lee Ji Young Jun 10, 2015 11:38 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:28
VIXX′s Hyuk has been cast in a movie.

The Queen revealed on June 10 that Hyuk, who has been gaining popularity with a concept distinct from other idol group members, will be acting for the first time as the character Won Tae in film Seize It to Live (translated). VIXX′s maknae has shown his various charms, from brilliant and sensible to charismatic, onstage and onscreen. He is proving his potential as a multitainer with his fresh, bright energy and earnest, positive image as seen on programs like SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle and MBC Every1′s Hitmaker.

An affiliate from the film said of how Hyuk was cast, "We held auditions over a long period of time, focused on finding someone who is interested in acting and ready but doesn′t have any experience in dramas or films, in order to bring out Won Tae′s friendly and fresh character."

The source continued, "Although VIXX′s Hyuk doesn′t have any acting experience, he has been receiving acting lessons consistently, and he′s passionate about acting. He fit the image we wanted, so we cast him."

Meanwhile, Seize It to Live is aiming for an end-of-the-year release, with the main casting to conclude in June and filming to begin in July. The film is expected to be a new kind of action-comedy film.

Photo creditL: eNEWS DB
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